Class 9 Homework-

Mr and Mrs. Sharma have two
children Asha and Shahsi.Shashi married Radha,
daughter of Mrs. Mahajan. Suresh, son of Mrs.
Mahajan marries Rita. Sonu and Rocky are born
to Suresh and Rita. Uma and Sudha are the
daughters of Shashi and Radha.

1)  What is the surname of Sonu?
a) Mahajan b) Sharma
c) Shashi d) None of these

2) How is Suresh related to Sudha?
a) brother b) maternal uncle
c) uncle d) cousin

3) What is Sudha’s relation to Asha?
a) sister b) niece
c) aunt d) daughter

4) How is Sonu related to Mr. Mahajan?
a) son-in-law b) grandson
c) son d) none of these

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